Session #5 - 2:35 – 3:30 pm

Connecting with Canada’s Diverse Ethnic Communities

A new model to help guide research into the attitudes and behaviour of Canada’s many multicultural communities

Despite the recognition of its importance there is a certain amount of confusion and even trepidation around research and marketing to Canada’s ethnic communities. Questions range from which communities to target, whether the focus should be on first or second generations, which languages to use or whether mainstream marketing can be used or adapted to reach different communities.

Environics have built considerable learning about connecting to Canada’s foreign born and visible minority communities and have developed a model based on this learning to identify different elements of the consumer experience that are impacted by ethnicity and the immigrant journey.

This presentation introduces the model and explains how it can be applied to both research and marketing. It will be illustrated by case studies from the work we have done for Unilever and RBC. RBC’s strategies to attract newcomers give an illustration of how a research based understanding of the immigrant journey and newcomers’ pre-mindset can lead to marketing success. Unilever’s work on their Knorr, Brooke Bond and Lux brands will highlight how an understanding of ethnicity and immersion in Canada can be used to develop strategies to leverage global brands to target consumers in the Canadian market. Both cases use innovations in qualitative research to achieve research goals.
Kathy Cheng
Vice President, Cultural Markets Research Environics Research Group

Kathy is a leading researcher in the multicultural and new Canadians markets. She has 16 years experience in qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Prior to Environics, Kathy worked with Ipsos-Reid, where she developed and headed up ethnic/new Canadians research practice and became a subject matter expert in this market. She has helped clients in financial services, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, retail, media and not-for-profit sectors understand the diverse and fast changing cultural markets.

Prior to immigrating to Canada 12 years ago, Kathy spent a number of years with ACNielsen Shanghai where she travelled extensively and conducted literally hundreds of focus groups and in-depth interviews helping multinational companies understand and grow the China market. Kathy moderates in Mandarin and English.]

Kathy has an MA in English Literature and Cross-cultural Communications. She is a co-author of the upcoming book, Migration Nation: A Practical Guide To Doing Business in Globalized Canada, that will be published in spring 2014.