Session #3 - 11:25 – 12:20 pm

Ask the Recruiter…

‘Creating Connections’ and providing quality insight in qualitative research is largely dependent on a successful recruit. Unfortunately, today’s ever changing qualitative research practice places new, increasing and sometimes unrealistic pressures on recruitment. Discover how leading recruiters and research consultants are adapting to clients’ changing needs and understand what’s needed in our profession to ensure creation of an effective connection with participants.

Margaret Brigley, CMRP

President & COO, Corporate Research Associates Inc., and moderator of more than 20 years

Dave Kains, CMRP – Partner, Metroline
Leila Siddiqi, Senior Strategist, Fresh Squeezed Ideas
Kristi Turnbull, VP Consumer Vision
Dawn Smith, CMRP – Dawn Smith Field Management Service Inc.